The functionality of Sprayttoo®:

Tattoos are made by injecting ink pigments into the dermis, which is located beneath the epidermis. To this end, the needle needs to penetrate the epidermis, creating microholes by about a millimeter. The epidermis results wounded and fragile. Thus with freshly tattooed skin any environmental irritant can easily enter the epidermis and cause a bacterial infection.
Furthermore the micro-perforated skin suffers from an increased humidity loss, which acts contrary to the healing process.
Here is where Sprayttoo® comes into action: the ultra-fine spray application of Sprayttoo® ensures that the freshly tattooed skin is coated with a thin protective layer.

This way Sprayttoo® acts like a barrier on the top of the epidermis:

  • The Sprayttoo® barrier keeps the water, which normally passes from inside the human body to the outside via diffusion and evaporation, trapped in the epidermis.
  • The Sprayttoo® spray is easy to apply to the skin without risk for cross-contamination by its non-contact feature